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Need a quick synopsis of an issue? These Silver State Snapshots provide brief summaries of important policy issues facing Nevada. They are accessible, easy to read, and concise.

Governing Nevada

Federal Housing Assistance in Nevada

This Silver State Snapshot summarizes the federal housing assistance Nevada has received.

Nevada's May 2017 Economic Forum

This Silver State Snapshot summarizes the May 2017 Economic Forum, which is a state-mandated panel that submits revenue projections for the State General Fund.  The Forum forecasted $95.8 million more in the budget than its previous estimate in December 2016.

Nevada Budget 101

This Silver State Snapshot summarizes the Nevada budget process, the 2015-2017 biennium budget, and the sources of revenue (April 2017).

Nevada Taxes 101

Pichart4This fact sheet summarizes taxes in Nevada and describes how they are distributed to schools and local governments (January 2016).

Educating Nevada

Higher Education Finance 101


This short primer provides an overview of higher education finance in Nevada. The paper discusses the funding sources received by Nevada’s higher education institutions and how the State determines funding for each institution (January 2016).

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Nevada Charter Schools 101

charter schoolThis paper provides an overview of charter schools in Nevada. It discusses how charter schools are formed, how enrollment preferences and lotteries work, funding equity issues, accountability measures, academic performance, and demographics. Information reflects policy changes made by the Nevada Legislature in 2015 (November 2015).

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K-12 Education Finance 101


This paper provides an overview of K-12 education finance in Nevada. It reviews the Nevada Plan and describes how the Nevada Plan is funded.  The paper shows the basic support guarantee per pupil and per pupil spending by District (January 2016).

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