About Us


The Kenny Guinn Center for Policy Priorities seeks to identify and inform sound policies that support a thriving and prosperous 21st century Nevada.


The Guinn Center is a nonprofit, bipartisan, think-do tank focused on delivering independent, fact based, and well-reasoned analysis of critical policy issues that advance solutions toward a vibrant Nevada.

Our Objectives

desert-roadOur ability to make sound budget and policy decisions determine our ability to educate our children, enjoy good health, protect the most vulnerable, and invest in other building blocks of a successful society. New policy choices based on sound research, clear thinking, and bold ideas can pave the way forward to a brighter future.

Objective 1: Provide Independent and Reliable Policy Analysis that Builds Public Trust

The Guinn Center represents the voice of the moderate middle that will move beyond the ‘either/or’ political rhetoric of our time. The facts will tell the story and lead the way to new ideas. This fact- based approach drives thoughtful and practical policy ideas that the Guinn Center and other decision-makers can promote. We will adhere to established research and analytical quality standards and serve as an honest broker of information.

Objective 2: Inform Public Debate, Expand Public Engagement, and Promote Connectivity

The Guinn Center will be a major source of reliable information for decision-makers and opinion leaders, and help shape coverage of key budget and policy issues. Ultimately we will help the public and decision-makers understand policy options and state budgets and the tradeoffs involved in these policy choices. The Guinn Center will expand state budget and policy debates by helping a diverse range of constituencies and the general public to participate in the policy process and pursue solutions by reaching out to networks across the state, raising awareness of specific issues, formulating policy solutions, and working with networks to understand common ground, develop effective messages, and refine legislative strategies to achieve policy impact.

What we do

We pursue our mission by

  • Providing data-driven research
  • Offering independent policy analysis
  • Developing strategies and programs to realize a 21st Century Nevada that benefits all Nevadans
  • Educating, training, and providing technical assistance to all stakeholders in Nevada’s policy realm
  • Facilitating statewide collaboration, and
  • Building collaborative partnerships to advance informed policy solutions for Nevada

How we do it

  • Policy briefs
  • Research reports
  • Budget and policy primers
  • Release of an annual “State of Nevada” report
  • Trainings for all stakeholders and decision makers in Nevada’s policy realm
  • Facilitated statewide working groups
  • Hosted workshops, round tables, and conferences

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