• Bipartisan think tank launches in Nevada

    Our policy institute reflects the values and work of the late Nevada Governor Kenny Guinn, his knowledge of the state budget, his commitment to education, and his ability to work across party lines.

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    Kenny Guinn
  • Breaking up CCSD is Hard to Do

    The Guinn Center identifies five critical policy issues the Advisory Committee should consider as it develops a reorganization plan for CCSD: communication, demographic and educational equity, funding equity, education facilities, and governance structure.

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  • How should new K-12 education initiatives be implemented?

    The Guinn Center discusses how Read by 3, Zoom Schools, and Victory Schools are interrelated and recommends an integrated approach to implementation.

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  • Do School Districts receive money in addition to the Basic Support Guarantee?

    See the Guinn Center's infographic on per pupil funding at the Clark County School District over time.

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  • Major Legislation Adopted During the 2015 Session

    See the Guinn Center's summary of major pieces of legislation in our five research areas.

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  • How does the adopted tax plan affect businesses?

    The Guinn Center analyzes the impact of the adopted tax plan on different types of businesses and compares it to other proposals.

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  • Has K-12 state and local funding recovered from the recession?

    See our infographic on the state of K-12 funding.

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  • Do charter school students have access to the same funding as other students?

    The Guinn Center explores ways to increase access to funding for charter school students.

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  • Which education proposals provide the biggest bang for the buck?

    The Guinn Center and Nevada Succeeds have teamed up to review Governor Sandoval's proposals to modernize Nevada's education system.

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  • How is K-12 Education Funded in Nevada?

    The Guinn Center explains Nevada's K-12 finance system and identifies issues for the 2015 Legislative Session.

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  • Responding to Critical Unmet School Facilities Needs

    The Guinn Center offers the Nevada Legislature new options for meeting school district capital needs.

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  • Is it time to change governance of Nevada's mental health system?

    The Guinn Center reviews mental health governance models in other states and provides a guide for decision makers.

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  • Addressing Nevada's Mental Health Workforce Shortage

    The Guinn Center offers short and long-term recommendations for addressing Nevada's critical Mental Health Workforce Shortage

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  • Guinn Center Responds to Special Session with Report on Development Incentives

    The Guinn Center provides policy recommendations for the Legislature as they consider development incentives for Tesla Motors.

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  • Reforming Professional Development to Improve Literacy Outcomes in Nevada

    The Guinn Center and Nevada Succeeds analyze current professional development efforts and funding and make recommendations to improve literacy outcomes.

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  • The State of Latinos in the Intermountain West

    The Guinn Center's first major report explores issues facing Latinos and provides a roadmap for the future.

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The Guinn Center is a nonprofit, bipartisan, think-do tank focused on independent, fact-based, relevant, and well-reasoned analysis of critical policy issues facing the state of Nevada. The Guinn Center engages policy-makers, experts, and the public with innovative, fact-based research, ideas, and analysis to advance policy solutions, inform the public debate, and expand public engagement.

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Major Legislation Approved During the 2015-2017 Legislative Session

During the 2015-2017 Legislative Session, 1,013 bills were proposed. At last count, 474 bills had been approved by both Houses and 433 had been signed by Governor Brian Sandoval. Below,...
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