Ugo Rondinone, Seven Magic Mountains, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2016
Photo by Gianfranco Gorgoni. Courtesy Nevada Museum of Art and Art Production Fund

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Capacity and Financing for Public Health Emergencies in Nevada

he scale of the novel coronavirus, and its associated disease, COVID-19, is yet unknown in Nevada as cases continue to arise. At the time of this writing, 55 people in Nevada have tested positive for COVID-19. School and office closures, cancellations of major events, and temporary disruptions to the supply chain have heightened the sense… Read more

Dedicated Funding Streams to K-12 Education: The State Education Fund

The Nevada Plan, the Silver State’s mechanism for funding education since 1967, was replaced during the 80th (2019) Legislative Session by Senate Bill (SB) 543 with the Pupil-Centered Funding Plan. It will be implemented beginning with the 2021-2023 biennium. While one purpose of the new funding plan is to differentiate per-pupil funding based on the… Read more

COVID-19 Affects Housing Security in Nevada

COVID-19 has forced businesses and nonprofits in Nevada and elsewhere to lay-off employees. In our latest policy brief, we note that now, with reduced income – or no income at all – housing may become unaffordable for many Nevadans, placing them at an increased risk of eviction. Many federal, state, and local decision-makers have discussed… Read more


Nevada Budget Overview 2019-2021

This set of infographics provides both a broad-based overview of budgetary sources and spending and a detailed account of revenues and proposed expenditures. You can find a pdf version of the infographics here:  Guinn Center Nevada Budget 2019-2021 Infographics

Property Taxes & K-12 Financing in Nevada

Property tax is one of the most significant sources of K-12 education financing within states. In Nevada, property taxes supply budgetary support for local governments, such as school districts. While local jurisdictions have some discretion in setting property tax rates, there are legal constraints on rate setting for school districts. In particular, Nevada law requires that… Read more

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Hospitality Marketing: Roadmap-To-Recovery Post-Pandemic

[As our community addresses the impacts of COVID-19 and immediate response efforts, the Guinn Center will be looking ahead and supporting conversations and ideas about our recovery. We invite contributions from individuals with different perspectives.] by Tracee Nalewak-Giraldo, Partner, The Wieland Group, Guest Contributor Hospitality Marketing: Roadmap-To-Recovery Post-Pandemic There is no doubt we are living… Read more

Education in the Time of COVID-19

by Kenneth J. Retzl Many of us at the Guinn Center, like many families across Nevada, have children that have been affected by the recent school closures. On March 19th, Governor Steve Sisolak ordered K-12 schools closed until April 16th. In the same directive, the governor stated all school districts must provide distance learning opportunities… Read more

The 2020 Census in Nevada Snapshot #8

by Daniel Liden Motivation for Completing the Census The 2020 Census is here! The road to the 2020 census has been long and marked by controversy, particularly concerning the potential inclusion of a citizenship question on the 2020 census questionnaire (there is no citizenship question on the census questionnaire). Over the course of the past… Read more


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Photo Courtesy of Dave Berns

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