Ugo Rondinone, Seven Magic Mountains, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2016
Photo by Gianfranco Gorgoni. Courtesy Nevada Museum of Art and Art Production Fund

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Nevada’s Medicaid Population

Medicaid is a health coverage program for eligible low-income individuals that is administered by the states under federal requirements and jointly funded by the federal government and states. Nevada’s Medicaid Program provides medical assistance to more than half a million low-income adults and children in the state. This policy brief presents some selected characteristics of Nevada’s Medicaid beneficiaries.

Nevada’s Uninsured Population

This report examines Nevada’s uninsured population. Its objective is to furnish a composite of Nevada’s uninsured population so that stakeholders have the requisite data to develop a set of policy prescriptions and enhance administrative capacity in service of health insurance coverage expansion, given the consequences of uninsurance. These consequences include: limited access to health care,… Read more


Nevada Budget Overview 2019-2021

This set of infographics provides both a broad-based overview of budgetary sources and spending and a detailed account of revenues and proposed expenditures. You can find a pdf version of the infographics here:  Guinn Center Nevada Budget 2019-2021 Infographics

Property Taxes & K-12 Financing in Nevada

Property tax is one of the most significant sources of K-12 education financing within states. In Nevada, property taxes supply budgetary support for local governments, such as school districts. While local jurisdictions have some discretion in setting property tax rates, there are legal constraints on rate setting for school districts. In particular, Nevada law requires that… Read more

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Nevada Not Yet the Fastest Improving SBAC State

by Kenneth J. Retzl, Ph.D. In our previous blog post regarding comparative proficiency rates on the Smarter Balanced Assessment (commonly referred to as the SBAC), we discovered that changes in SBAC proficiency rates between grade levels were consistent across all SBAC states. This blog now examines the results against the Nevada Department of Education’s goal… Read more

Math is Hard: SBAC Results Across States

by Kenneth J. Retzl Every Spring, 3rd to 8th grade students in Nevada as well as several other states gather around computers to take the Smarter Balanced Assessment. This test, often referred to as the SBAC, is the (partial) basis upon which elementary and middle schools are awarded points in the Nevada School Performance Framework… Read more


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Photo Courtesy of Dave Berns

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