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Growing Nevada

Personal Consumption Expenditures by State, 1997-2012

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Data on Personal Consumption Expenditures by State show that consumer spending in Nevada was deeply affected by the Great Recession. While this measure has improved in recent years, per capita consumer spending is still below pre-recession levels.

Delinquent Debt in America

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The Urban Institute finds that Nevada, which was hard hit by the housing crisis, tops the list of past-due states: 47 percent of people with a credit file have reported debt in collections. Nevada not only has the largest share of people with reported debt in collections, it also has the highest average amount of debt in collections, among people with debt in collections.

Moving Nevada Forward: A Plan for Excellence in Economic Development 2012-2014

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commission-economic-devThe Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development has developed a state economic development plan that recommends diversification in seven sectors: (1) tourism, gaming, and entertainment; (2) clean energy; (3) health and medical services; (4) aerospace and defense; (5) mining, materials, and manufacturing; (6) business IT ecosystems; and (7) logistics and operations.

Nevada Workforce Informer

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jetThe Research and Analysis Bureau of the Nevada Department of Employment Training and Rehabilitation provides data and reports on Nevada’s economy, including the monthly Nevada Economy in Brief report, local unemployment data, data on wages, and employment projections.

Center for Business and Economic Research

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The Center for Business and Economic Research based at UNLV collects, analyzes and disseminates data on Nevada’s businesses and economy.

Competitiveness at a Crossroads: Finding of a Harvard Business School’s 2012 Survey On U.S. Competitiveness

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This study recommends putting the federal budget on a sustainable path by increasing revenue and controlling spending; reforming the corporate tax code, reducing statutory rates and eliminating loopholes; enacting a multiyear program to improve America’s infrastructure; addressing distortions of the international trading system that disadvantage the U.S; crafting a responsible framework for developing newly accessible gas and oil reserves; streamlining regulations; and easing immigration for high-skill workers.

Game Changers: Five Opportunities For Us Growth and Renewal

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This report by the McKinsey Global Institute pinpoints five catalysts—in energy, trade, technology, infrastructure, and talent development—that can quickly create jobs and deliver a substantial boost to GDP by 2020.

Metropolitan Revolution: How Cities and Metros are Fixing Our Broken Politics and Fragile Economy

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This book by the Brookings Institute argues that metropolitan areas are implementing innovative business and public investment strategies that tackle tough problems and grow the economy.  Metropolitan areas in Nevada have had to get pretty creative addressing local problems, particularly since Nevada does not get much money from Washington.  According to the study, Nevada ranks 53rd (of 53 states and territories) in per-person federal “formula-based aid.”

The Equality of Opportunity Project

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Researchers from Harvard and the University of California at Berkeley studied economic mobility in America.  The study – based on millions of anonymous earnings records and being released by a team of top academic economists – is the first with enough data to compare upward mobility across metropolitan areas.  These comparisons provide some of the most powerful evidence so far about the factors that seem to drive people’s chances of rising beyond the station of their birth, including education, family structure, and the economic layout of metropolitan areas.

A National Strategic Narrative

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This paper by the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars argues that the strategic narrative of the United States in the 21st century should be that the U.S. wants to become the strongest competitor and most influential player in a deeply inter-connected global system, which requires that the U.S. invest less in defense and more in sustainable prosperity and the tools of effective global engagement.

Health Rankings

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The County Health Rankings & Roadmaps program is a collaboration between the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute. This site provides health rankings for states and counties on mortality, morbidity, health behaviors, clinical care, social and economic factors, and physical environment.

Nevada Health Insurance Rates

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The Division of Insurance of the Nevada Department of Business and Industry provides information on the approved 2014 health insurance rates for individuals and small groups.

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