Outside the Box: Insurance companies in housing?

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Joining a growing number of businesses focused on mission-related investing, UnitedHealth Group, the nation’s largest medical insurer, has recently invested $150 million to build low-income housing in a dozen states. UnitedHealth’s big push into housing isn’t charity, although the investment also brings financial benefits (in the form of tax credits). National studies show that individuals… Read more

Nevada Viewpoints

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The Guinn Center is committed to facilitating and encouraging public engagement. While we recognize the importance of producing and disseminating solid, timely, and relevant research to inform policy stakeholders, our impact will be measured, in large part, by our ability to engage the broader community. Our goal is to encourage the broader public to engage… Read more

Social Impact Bonds: Good for Nevada?

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Social impact bonds (also known as pay for success contracts) have attracted significant interest in the last few years and are being considered by policy makers in California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, and Utah, among others. These creative financing mechanisms were first popularized in the United Kingdom as part of the Conservative Party’s “Big… Read more