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NSHE Remediation Report Shows New Strategies Needed for College Student Success

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Across the country, placement tests are often used to determine which students must take remedial math and English classes. In many cases, students who performed well in high school are shocked to find that they are unprepared for college and must take remedial classes before taking college-level classes. A national study by Complete College America… Read more

Nevada Lags Behind in Access to Preschool

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Access to high quality preschool can have significant academic, economic, and even health benefits as documented in the Perry Preschool Study. In recent years, several states have either substantially increased state preschool funding or have begun to offer universal preschool programs to help increase children’s chances for long-term success. Nevada, however, lags significantly behind other… Read more

Nevada’s Higher Education Cuts Have Created Roadblocks to Economic Growth

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Across the nation, state funding for higher education fell during the Great Recession. A new report by the nonpartisan Center for Budget and Policy Priorities (CBPP) found that states are still funding higher education below pre-recession levels. This public disinvestment has made college less accessible to students and has major long-term economic impacts. The Silver… Read more

Innovative Community Health Worker Model Improves Outcomes for High-Risk Patients

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A recent study found that an innovative peer support program improves access to care and quality of communication while reducing repeat hospitalizations, which can reduce costs. Experts at the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania have developed an effective and innovative program using trained lay community health workers to improve a range… Read more

Outside the Box: Insurance companies in housing?

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Joining a growing number of businesses focused on mission-related investing, UnitedHealth Group, the nation’s largest medical insurer, has recently invested $150 million to build low-income housing in a dozen states. UnitedHealth’s big push into housing isn’t charity, although the investment also brings financial benefits (in the form of tax credits). National studies show that individuals… Read more